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shameful... that's how I feel... - We don't have a name yet

hmsickMay. 5th, 2005 07:13 pm shameful... that's how I feel...

First off I owe everyone an apology for dropping the ball since that very first book. Excuse? None! I DID “start” the Sister’s book… but found it very difficult to read these letters that are only one-sided. What about the responses back from those letters? I just kept getting more and more frustrated reading on. I didn’t feel there was any intrigue or lesson’s learned. Tell me what did YOU (the smart ones) who trudged through it think? Did you really gleam any “sisterly” feeling or philosophies from that book?

For some reason I am not able to connect to the “friends” feature of our bookclub-journal. May be that I have lost all my friends due to total failure to follow through with my commitments? Yikes! Hopefully I am wrong with this thought and it’s just a technical issue that will correct itself… hmmm… wish it was that simple in life! Anyway, I’m only able to read what is written on the front page (NOT member or Friends page) so I am missing something good from Dorothy and Karen. Grrr!

Okay then I started the Girlfriends book, it was nice to read. However, I failed miserably to finish the darn thing. I did enjoy reading EVERYONE on earth’s opinion about how truly important a bond with another woman is. What I did end up reading made me think of all my old and new friends. How we met, how long the relationship lasted, etc. I’ve always told Sarah the kind of girlfriends you make right now relates to the men she will pick out later to date. The qualities in these “best friends” will spill over to the qualities in the men she picks. Does anyone know what I mean? Also that saying, “Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” came up often in my mind.

So now it’s off to the Blink Book! Christi has it and is willing to share it with me when she is finished. Since Corinne is in Japan, I will sacrifice my procrastinating personality disorder to stay focused! HELP ME! I want to overcome this nasty habit.

I’m off now to contemplate the world’s issues… ahhh …

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